Alien Invasion!

November 11, 2020

We have intercepted a message from Aliens who will be landing next week at our Pre-Schools! They have tasked our children with sending information about Planet Earth to them and in return will be teaching our children about the solar system and where they have come from!

In preparation for their landing we have been learning about our Planet Earth- all about how the Earth is made up of land and water. We used ball rolling to paint our own Earth!

We also started to talk about what the Aliens might look like, the Aliens noted how us humans are all so different and this led to us talking about our similarities and differences. We talked about how we should be proud of our differences and these should be celebrated! Then some of our children remembered a book that they had read “Aliens Love Underpants” they used this book to create their own Aliens from playdough and paint.

The Aliens have also sent us information about humans from our Planet that they have seen in Space and we have been reading all about them.

In our Baby Bees they already really enjoy the book “Zoom to the Moon” so they have been using this to learn about the moon. They have been exploring a moon tuff tray, using maths skills to count moon rocks as well as listening to sticky kids “Zoom to the Moon”.

Our Busy bee units have been making alien slime to practise their filling and emptying skills. They have been developing their understanding of maths by counting quantities of aliens and ordering their underpants in size!





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