Parental Support

  • Parent Support

  • Here at the heart of Woodlands, we understand that taking care of our parents is just as crucial as the Children in our setting.

    We have three dedicated staff to support our parents from the moment you start until you leave our setting. We have Carla Rowland, our Family Coordination Manager, and Hillary Vulliamy, our Family Coordination Assistant. They will be on hand to help to book your tours, show you around, register you and then arrange your settling-in process and introduce you to the team and your Keyperson.  Once you are settled in, Maria Passmore is our Admin and Finance Assistant, who will then support you with any financial questions, managing your account, and any booking changes you may need to make along the way.

    Carla, Hilary, and Maria have a wealth of experience between them. Carla started with us as a student many years ago and, once qualified, became a member of our Woodlands team, working within different age groups and up to the management level. Hilary joined Woodlands a few years ago as part of our team.  She attended the setting herself and was part of our Woodlands family from the beginning. She now has a little one who also attends Woodlands. As parents themselves, Hilary and Carla understand how important it is to ensure our newest parents feel comfortable leaving their little ones with us.

    Maria has worked as part of our team from the beginning when we opened our doors at Woodlands.  She is always on hand to help with any questions regarding the management of your accounts or your Child’s bookings. Maria works closely alongside Carla and Hilary and is also a contact should Carla or Hilary not be in the setting. All our support team members understand the importance of building positive relationships and how important it is to have communication between parents and Nursery.

  • At Woodlands, we aim to provide a homely and family-driven environment that inspires our children to reach their full potential.  We invest in every one of our families to ensure that our families have the best experience.