Managing the change to a new setting and helping your child feel at home
  • Transitions

    We appreciate at Woodlands what a daunting prospect it is for any parent and child to begin a new setting. For some of our children it is their first experience of a nursery or Pre-School and so we have important procedures that are put in place to help manage the transition.

  • Our staff are very experienced and knowledgeable in helping children and parents settle and feel confident and safe in our care. We understand that children are very different and whilst for some the transition into nursery is a positive one, others may have some difficulty. With that said we support every individual child and family to settle accordingly.

    Our settling in visits help both yourself and your child to feel comfortable with the setting and the staff, we offer a two hour visit together to discuss routines, likes, dislikes and concerns and follow this with a two hour play session with just your child. This gives the new key person and your child time to play and get to know each other and allows you to slowly ease into the transition. During this time we understand how important it is to allow the child and you time to process the change, the key person will help you to feel comfortable and confident that we know everything we need to about your child to care for them to the highest standard, giving them the love and attention they need to thrive in our setting.

    We ensure that all of parents are offered a full comprehensive handover at the end of each session as well as a diary sheet for our younger children so you can feel involved in their child’s day. We give our parents the option of having a Home Link Book so we can share information between home and nursery. Each area has a direct telephone line and so you are able to contact your child’s key person to find out how they are doing should you wish to.

    We also support our children as they move through the nursery, as our children get close to moving to the next unit they will visit with their friends and key person to get the used to surroundings.

  • As the parent, we keep you informed of room movements, provide you with dates of settling in visits and invite you to a parent meeting where you can meet the room leader, have a look around and ask any questions. Before the first settling in session, you will meet the new key person and have an opportunity to discuss your child’s routine and requirements.

    We do not move our children on a date stamp; we do not believe that children should just move because they have reached a certain age.

    Our children are continually assessed on all their skills, abilities and personalities. When we think a child is ready to be moved, we will have a discussion with their key person. We will look at the children in the room they are moving into and then make a decision on either to try them on a move. If we find they are not settled or ready we will reassess and move them when they are ready.

  • Helping Children Thrive

    We really believe that children thrive in a home like environment and have really focused on keeping the property more like a traditional home than an educational setting. We feel children thrive more in this environment and make stronger emotional attachments.

    While we have a large number of children we care for a day, we also have a large number of staff and more than ample space for the children to NEVER feel crowded, overwhelmed or cooped up. Children never have to stay in one room and staff can take their children to any room in the setting, they do not have to stay in their own rooms. We feel that children at home do not just stay in one room, so why should they have to at a Nursery setting?

    No words could make you feel the homely atmosphere that is felt within this nursery. Our parents say seeing is believing and they love our home from home, happy feel.