Support Team

  • Support Team

    As well as those caring directly for the children on a daily basis there are several support staff, with whom we could not do without to assist with the day to day running and maintenance in keeping our ‘well oiled machine’ running smoothly, these include:

    • Darek



      Darek has been with Woodlands over 6 years, he is such an integral part of the day to day running and up keep of Woodlands. He works entirely onsite and so is on hand to resolve any maintenance issues quickly. In addition to this role Darek is extremely talented at making and building.

      He designed and made, by hand the Baby Bee Home Corner, our memorial train in the garden, anything wooden you see in Woodlands has been designed and made by Darek. We are very fortunate to have Darek with us at Woodlands and he is very popular with the children also, they love helping him and watching him at work!

    • Gail
      Catering Manager


      Catering Manager

      Gail is also an integral part of the Woodlands Team. She is a highly competent, qualified and experienced chef and is responsible for providing all of our delicious, home cooked meals. She ensures that all of the food cooked is up to our very high standards and provides a balanced and nutritious diet, as well as providing tastes and textures from around the world.

      Gail works closely with the staff to gather ideas and feedback on what the children enjoy eating, to ensure his meals are very popular with the children. Gail uses fresh produce from our local butchers and green grocer and dairy produce is bought locally too. This ensures that we know where our ingredients have come from and are the best possible, whilst supporting local businesses.

      Helen also works with Gail helping her to provide the highest quality of food for our children. They are a great team and the children love them both!

    • Becky
      Busy Bee House Keeper


      Busy Bee House Keeper

      Becky works within our Busy Bee Team to support with the house keeping duties and general day to day running. Her role enables the key people to spend as much of their time with their children to ensure each of their individual routines and needs are adhered to during the day.

      This is particularly important in our Busy Bees the majority of the time the children have not been left before. By having Becky working extremely hard in the background running of the unit it means the key staff can focus entirely on their key children’s well-being.

      Becky joined us in 2007 and has had the experience of working within all our units. She comes with a wealth of experience and is a qualified nursery practitioner.

      As well as this Becky brings a lot of laughter and love to the Busy Bees and the children absolutely adore her.

    • Annetta
      Baby Bee House Keeper


      Baby Bee House Keeper

      Annetta our Baby Bee House Keeper, works alongside Baby Bee’s staff ensuring the quick and efficient clear up after meal times, maintaining the highest level of cleanliness.

      This enables our Baby Bee team to dedicate all their care and attention on to the children ensuring they have lots of fun and opportunities available.