Support Team

  • Support Team

    As well as those caring directly for the children on a daily basis there are several support staff, with whom we could not do without to assist with the day to day running and maintenance in keeping our ‘well oiled machine’ running smoothly, these include:

    • Darek & Pier

      Darek & Pier


      Darek has been with Woodlands over 14 years, and Pier has been with us for over 5 years. They are such an integral part of the day to day running and the upkeep of Woodlands.They work entirely onsite and so they are on hand to resolve any maintenance issues quickly. In addition to this role they are both extremely talented at making and building.

      Darek designed and made, by hand the The Woodlands Castle, Baby Bee Home Corner, and our memorial train in the garden, anything wooden you see in Woodlands has been designed and made by Darek. We are very fortunate to have Darek with us at Woodlands and he is very popular with the children also, they love helping him and watching him at work!

    • Dani & Sandra
      Kitchen Team

      Dani & Sandra

      Kitchen Team

      In our kitchen, we have Sandra and Dani. Dani has been with Woodlands for 15 years, working in childcare; however, after enjoying catering for the nursery during the lockdown, she recently decided to move into the kitchen alongside Sandra. Here she will continue to learn and add to her ever-increasing skills.

      Sandra has been with us for a year; however, she has spent 25 years in the catering industry, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. This collaborative team benefits from having the advantage of both child care and catering experience, allowing them to fully understand the needs, the likes and dietary requirements of children, thus producing the best quality meals. Although they have not been working together long, they are making a great team, and we are excited to see this continue.

    House Keepers

    Our housekeepers work within the units to support the housekeeping duties and daily running. The housekeepers’ roles enable the key people to spend their time focused on the children rather than trying to do two jobs at once. As parents, we know it is almost impossible to look after a child, engage and educate them, and do daily chores. For this reason, we have created these crucial supporting roles.

    Many of our children have not been left before, and by having the housekeepers working extremely hard in the background, the key staff can focus entirely on their children’s well-being.

    Becky, one of our housekeepers,  joined us in 2007 and has had the experience of working within all our units. She comes with a wealth of knowledge and is a qualified nursery practitioner. She understands the stresses and strains of both jobs and can support both teams exceptionally well.

    • Becky
      Busy Bee House Keeper
    • Annetta
      Baby Bee House Keeper
    • Diana
      Preschool House Keeper
    • Izabela
      Preschool House Keeper
    • Lee-Anne
      Woodlands Also House Keeper