Our Pets

  • Our Pets

  • At Woodlands we have several pets that the children help care for. These include our Guinea Pigs that our children love to visit and feed in the garden, our fish in Busy Bees and ‘Butterscotch’ our friendly dog that joins us each day.

    As well as playing, feeding and caring for the pets they teach our children lots of important skills such as empathy, responsibilities and values in caring for others.

    Many children may not have pets at home and so being able to help care for the pets we have at nursery can be such an exciting task!

    The children enjoy getting very involved in their day to day care such as collecting food from our chefs to feed them, playing with them and learning about their needs.

    Caring for others also helps to embed our core values such as compassion, respect and commitment.

  • It gives our children a great sense of achievement, independence and can really help increase their self-esteem. As well as providing a great opportunity to work together as a team, build social skills and learn about the world around them.