Our Pets

  • Our Pets

  • Our pets are integral to our nursery; they have been carefully selected for temperament and suitability. The pets teach essential skills, such as empathy, responsibility, and the values of caring. They help embed our values of compassion, respect, and commitment. We support how to approach a dog, encourage them not to be afraid of dogs, and our dogs are there to listen and give cuddles and rewards. 

    Sadly, Butterscotch, a veteran of 16 years, has gone to the rainbow bridge; therefore, we now have a new member, Daisy. Daisy is a toy poodle with a superb temperament; she is still young and hopefully will have a long healthy career with us as a comfort pet and friend. Minx, whom Butterscotch taught the job, is now introducing Daisy. Minx absolutely loves children and shows a high degree of respect for them. We also have our fishes in Busy Bee’s and the office.

    Many children may not have pets at home and so being able to help care for the pets we have at the nursery can be such an exciting task! It gives our children a great sense of achievement and independence and can help increase their self-esteem. In addition, our pets provide an excellent opportunity to work together as a team, build social skills and learn about the world around them.

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