• Woodlands Uniforms

    We feel it is vital for every child to have a wide variety of play experiences, with this in mind there are occasions where children’s clothes can become a little messy!

  • This is one of the reasons why we ask for all children that are registered with us to wear a Woodlands uniform.

    Children respond very positively to the little ‘bumble bee t-shirts’ and fleece jackets which ensures even the most fashion conscious 3 year old remains happy due to everyone else wearing the uniform! We require all children to wear our uniform while at school. This allows them to get on and play without having to worry about their clothes.

    We also find that parents prefer this as it helps with that “dreaded morning rush”. Our uniform is also required on outings and trips in order to comply with our Health and Safety policies.

    NOTE: Our uniform can be purchased at the nurseries and as we hold stock on site you’re able to take it away with you.