Worker Bees (Also)

Caring for your child like they are one of our own
  • Welcome to Worker Bees

  • Our Worker Bees is a modern and spacious pre-school room, with plenty of open space allowing the team to move with the children’s current interests and needs adapting the space where necessary.

    Worker Bees have the freedom to explore throughout free flow play, allowing them access to a wealth of inviting play spaces which are sure to capture their imagination.

    With an increasing amount of wooden, natural and real-life resources the Worker bees are supported in exploring and taking care of their resources as they play.

    The minimum ratio for 3 year olds is 1 adult for every 8 children, allowing that extra boost of freedom and independence in the run up to getting ready for school.

    The team in Worker Bees actively promote independence throughout every day routines including dressing, washing their hands after going to the toilet, serving portions of their own meals and overcoming conflicts and turn taking. Moving forward with the world around us, our Worker Bees have access to a specially installed Smart Board, similar to those you may find in infant schools. Not only encouraging the safe exploration of technology the Smart Board is equipped with a wealth of applications to support children in developing their maths and literacy skills. As the children grow in independence, the Smart Board will be set up using a timer allowing the children to manage turn taking and conflict.

    At this fantastic age the Worker Bees have so much enthusiasm to learn, they are drawn into the activities created by the team. At Woodlands we are committed to following children’s voice, both in our environment as well as day to day activities. We know that children thrive on learning about what they are interested in; therefore our team will follow the children’s interests and current fascinations when planning activities and play spaces for the children.

  • Outdoor Space

    Worker Bees have double doors to the back of their room allowing free access to our garden, with the ability to take the inside out with them. As our Worker bees children feed their Spirit of Adventure they spend a wealth of time in our purpose-made Construction Area, where they have the freedom to dig in the mud and sand with seemingly endless tools and trucks. With plenty of open space to allow the Worker Bee’s to develop physical skills with obstacles courses, balance bikes, scooters and even racing around the garden.

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