Our Ethos

The spirit, attitudes and aspirations that is behind Woodlands Day Care
  • Company Ethos

    Woodlands was established over 18 years ago and our ethos has remained the same now as it was back then. We have always strived to provide the best childcare setting possible not only for the children we care for but to raise the standard of childcare in general. We started out with that aim and over the years have gone above and beyond what we expected and hoped for.

  • We invest in our staff to ensure they are highly qualified and experienced and truly enjoy what they do. We teach our children to care about each other, celebrate diversity and become part of their local community to ensure they grow into happy and responsible young people.

    Woodlands has grown rapidly since we opened and although we care for a lot more children than we did 18 years ago we still provide the highest level of care and attention to each and every child, ensuring they have more than enough space to be happy, confident, healthy and reach their full potential.

  • Woodlands is going GREENER!

  • The secret is out! Woodlands Early Learning is going Green! It is our mission this year to make both our settings Eco-Friendly! Woodlands celebrated their 18th birthday this February and its our Birthday wish that we will be leading the way in saving our planet and protecting our children’s future! As always Woodlands celebrated their birthday in style by creating a new Rose patch and planting our very special Dawn of Woodlands Rose to represent those who helped create Woodlands 18 years ago. 

    We were super excited to celebrate with all of our children and staff however we were extremely proud that among our staff set that 15 of them have been with Woodlands since the very beginning! 15 at 15! Some children from each of our Bee units helped plant our new flowers . We even had a very important visitor come in – The Mayor of Fareham came in and helped the children plant our special Roses and create some wonderful memories!

    It really was a lovely way to kick start our Eco-Drive! As ever our staff have really got behind our vision and have come up with great ways to make our nurseries more Eco-Friendly, such as plastic free craft areas and up cycling objects so they can be used time and time again! We will be making lots of changes over the course of the year so please keep an eye out of our Woodlands Eco Project Facebook and Instagram Pages for all the exciting news!


  • Kit & Kin Products

  • Did you know it can take up to 500 years for a standard brand disposable nappy to biodegrade?? Once Woodlands heard this fact it was an obvious decision for us to look into alternative brands that would still give our babies maximum comfort whilst being made of sustainable materiel’s which are kinder to our earth!

    After a lengthy search we came across the company Kit and Kin and we are really excited to use their nappies and wipes on our little ones. Kit and Kin Eco products will biodegrade between 3-5 years and are clinically and derminologically tested to ensure they’re mild and kind to use on your skin!

    – 25% of all medications used around the world originated from the rain forest, yet only 1% of the rain forest has been analysed for its medicinal benefits.

    – At the current rate of deforestation, the rain forest will be gone in just 40 years.

    – Together we can make a difference.

  • For every pack sold, we help fund the purchase of rain forest through the World Land Trust, helping maintain a vital Eco system that provides clean air, life-saving medicines and safe havens for some of the world’s most vulnerable wildlife:

    — Making a difference – Kit and Kin say:
  • Woodlands will be stocking Kin and Kin nappies on site for parents to purchase; please ask main reception for details!