Rising Fours (Also)

Caring for your child like they are one of our own
  • Welcome to Rising Fours (Honey Bees)

  • Our Honey Bees are our ‘Rising 4’s’ children a daily session created by Woodlands to better help your child in getting ready for school.

    Throughout their time in pre-school the children have plenty of opportunities in preparing for school and this is supported by Honey Bees.

    Our Rising 4’s is a purposefully designed space with Reception classrooms in mind, supporting children in becoming both emotionally and educationally ready for school.

    Working closely with local schools our dedicated team have developed Rising 4’s on which skills and activities will best prepare children for school.

  • Class Activities

    Reflecting the Reception classroom layout our Rising 4’s space allows for a large carpet area where the children are able to make free choice of the resources they access for free flow play as well as all important circle times which support children’s confidence in speaking and listening as well as those ‘basic’ skills of sitting crossed leg in a large group.

    Table top activities are planned on a weekly basis, following a theme or topic inspired by the children and the world around us, including celebrations of different cultures and occasions.

    The activities are still based on learning through play, for example: allowing the children to explore shapes and measurement whilst being creative with playdough.

    To further promote self-esteem and independence our Honey Bees are encouraged to take on some roles of responsibility, being helpers at snack times, laying the table for lunchtime and being the leader at the front of the line.

    The children have also adopted a Reception class-like visual behaviour system which many schools follow to promote positive behaviour.

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