Woodlands Also

Woodlands Also opened its doors back in January 2017. It was a labour of love to get the building up to the high standard that we are used to, once we were satisfied we began to accept children from 2 years and older.

Over the past few years the setting has flourished in to the exciting and welcoming space it is today, adapting to meet the changing needs of our children.

Also have many of the same characteristics as our Woodlands Pre-School, including technology screen, access to Playzone, their own Rising Four’s, as well as lots of toys and resources to explore.


With Woodlands Also being just a Pre-School, their main focus is on encouraging independence, developing confidence and preparing for school, as well as having lots of fun. Our staff provide fun and engaging activites, based on our childrens likes, to encourage them to be active partipants in their learning. There are bright spaces for children to explore as well as a large garden.

Each child is given a Key Person who is responsible for supporting their learning, ensuring they are thriving and reaching their full potential. Children are encouraged to choose their own activites and ezplore the environment, supported by our highly qualified staff who will help extend and develop their knowledge and understanding.

Before our children leave for school they begin to engage in our Rising Four’s, which has been designed specifically to prepare for the transition. They will continue to do work on these school ready skills in Pre-School, however our Rising Fours brings together our eldest children, ensuring they feel emotionally and educationally ready for school. Both settings offer Rising Fours and often work together to ensure the best standard of learning. You can read more about Rising Fours here.