Room Managers

  • Room Managers

    Our Room Managers have been handpicked for not only their in depth understanding of children’s development but also their excellent ability to bring out the best in their individual teams. We firmly believe that all staff should have a say in how Woodlands is run, every room has complete ownership of their units to create a very unique and personal atmosphere.

    Our Room Managers are able to be a constant source of support for children, parents and staff. They achieve this by ensuring they are in their units playing alongside the children and working alongside their staff, this means that they are fully involved in what is happening within the week . Their experience at Woodlands has inspired them to continue the Woodlands ethos in being able to create our lifelong commitment to high quality childcare which is at our very core. Their individual influence has a major impact on the way your children and our staff are nurtured and cared for when joining the Woodlands family.

    • Lauren
      Pre-school Room Manager at Woodlands Also


      Pre-school Room Manager at Woodlands Also

      Lauren began working at Woodlands in the summer of 2019 in our Busy Bee unit at Barnes Lane. With previous experience as a Room Manager, Lauren quickly showed us her potential and was given the role of Room Manager at Woodlands Also.

      Her fun and bubbly personality makes her very popular, and her caring and approachable manner enables her to build strong bonds with the children in her care. Lauren’s experience and knowledge of the EYFS supports her in planning fun and exciting learning opportunities for the children, while still ensuring their progress and development. 

      Lauren has lots of experience working with pre-school aged children and her knowledge and experience has inspired her team to come up with their own new and exciting ideas, providing a fun and nurturing environment for all our children. 

    • Kelly
      Busy Bee Room Manager


      Busy Bee Room Manager

      Kelly is a new member of our Woodlands family and is over the moon to be the new Room Manager in our Busy Bee Team.

      Kelly has just moved into the area from Brighton, where she was a senior leader in the baby section at her previous nursery. She has also previously been a toddler’s room leader.

      Kelly has a wealth of knowledge in childcare, working in nurseries for four years and as a key stage one teaching assistant nine years before beginning her nursery journey. Kelly is genuinely dedicated to childcare, has a positive, calm, and friendly nature in all she does, and is excited to continue her journey at Woodlands. 

      Kelly loves to see and support her children to become the best they can be.

    • Jemma
      Pre-School Room Manager


      Pre-School Room Manager

      Jemma began with us back in 2019 and immediately shone within our setting. During the pandemic Jemma’s excellent leadership skills, calm manner and her ability to take everything thrown at her, in her stride, has proved beyond doubt that she is the perfect fit for this role.

      A big part of her role in Pre-School is ensuring that the children are ready and transition happy to school.

      Supporting parents in this role is just as important as well as liaising with teachers from all of the schools our children are going to attend.

    • Jess
      Baby Bee Manager


      Baby Bee Manager

      Jess began with us back in 2007, she has worked in all of our rooms giving her a wealth of knowledge and experience. Having worked with Woodlands for a long time, Jess completely understands our ethos and empowers her team to provide the best experience for our Baby Bees.

      A big part of her role in Baby Bees is ensuring that the babies are welcomed into our Woodlands family, ensuring they settle well as they start their learning journey with us.

      Supporting parents in this role is just as important as well as helping the babies develop new skills from weening to walking and babbling to talking.

    • Libby
      Under 3’s Room Manager


      Under 3’s Room Manager

      Libby joined our Woodlands family back in 2018 becoming a key person in our Baby Bee unit. Her calm and caring nature made her a perfect fit for our youngest children.

      In late 2020, Libby made the move into our preschool room as a key person. She quickly slid into her new role with the older children, forming strong relationships with both the children and their parents.

      Libby recently took on a new and exciting opportunity at Woodlands Also to become the Room Manager to the Under 3’s. Drawing on her time as a key person in the baby unit, Libby is already working hard to ensure our Under 3’s at Woodlands Also is the best it can be.