Rising Fours (Woodlands)

Caring for your child like they are one of our own
  • Welcome to Rising Fours (Honey Bees)

  • Rising Four’s has been set up to better help get your child ready for school. Pre-School do an incredible job in preparing our school leavers and this is supported by our Rising Four’s. The area is designed specifically for our oldest children to ensure they are both educationally ready and emotionally ready for school.

    Every year we liaise with the local schools, to help us best plan the year, ensuring we have resources and activities that are most relevant to give children the skills needed for the school day.

    We do the same set activities every day for one week, so every child benefits fully. Adapting them and developing the activity to suit the individual needs of the children.

    We understand that all children learn at their own pace and so we fit the activity to stretch each child without overwhelming them.

  • The activities that they participate in are still based on learning through play and using the children’s interests to engage them.

    Parents often have preconceived ideas of how children learn at school and what their child ‘needs’ to know before school. Rising Four’s aims to ensure all of our school leavers have learnt the pre-skills needed to read, write etc as well as feeling confident in self care, to ask for help and form relationships, whilst encouraging independence.

    Much of the children’s work is sent home for parents to enjoy, displayed around the setting, along with observations and photos being shared on Tapestry.

    We also take the children on outings to the local community, including to the Locks Heath Centre to talk to shoppers about our eco-changes, over to Holly Hill Park for nature walks and litter picking. We also spend a lot of time in the garden which is another perfect learning opportunity for the children to practise putting on their coats and hats and applying sun cream independently. Our children are given responsibility jobs to help develop their independence and build their self esteem. We have helpers for snack and lunchtimes, the children enjoy giving out the plates, bowls, cutlery and cups.

    To further support your child’s transition from Woodlands to Year R, we have also adopted a visual behaviour system which many schools follow to encourage positive behaviour. Towards the end of the term we also help our parents prepare for the move to school.

    Giving tips and ideas to ensure they feel confident their children are ready, this is particularly helpful to parents who are unfamiliar with the school transition or their child is leaving the setting for the summer months, so they are able to continue the great work Rising Fours have done for the year prior to school. You can find these tips here

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