Worker Bees (Woodlands)

Caring for your child like they are one of our own
  • Welcome to Worker Bees

  • We have two large spacious bright airy rooms with a variety of different areas where the children can explore, investigate and learn, we also have access to the main garden and our very own side garden. We open up our doors for free flow through indoors and outdoors therefore allowing children to take advantage of all the learning opportunities outside and inside.

    In our garden we have enjoyed planting trees, bulbs, vegetables and a variety of flowers this spring.

    As a result we have celebrated the sights and smells of our growing successes, and been thrilled to see the results. Every child has a key person who will ensure they are thriving, achieving targets and reaching their full potential at each child’s own pace. Every day there is a dedicated key worker time, where each group will have an opportunity to spend time with their key group and talk about events, achievements and work on skills.

  • Most of our morning is devoted to our practice of continuous provision, where we all come together for our exciting and stimulating free flow. The children can choose their own activities and explore the environment alongside staff who are there to support the children and challenge their learning, thus ensuring that they are learning through their fun and exciting play experiences at Woodlands.

    The children also love to spend time on our interactive white board and are able to participate in our weekly French or Spanish lessons.

    We always encourage kindness and fair play amongst the children, and reinforce our aim to respect and be nice to each other with “kind hands”.

    After free play time, if a child has achieved an aim they can put a pebble in the pot which then secures a treat for the group when filled.

    From all we offer, we hope to provide a very happy friendly stimulating experience for our worker bees in preparation for their transition to school.

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