Baby Bees (Also)

Caring for your child like they are one of our own
  • Welcome to the Baby Bees

  • We are so excited to be introducing a baby room at our Woodlands Also site. After the introduction of our Busy Bees not too long ago, we are now growing even more by creating our very own Baby Bees too. 

    Our team of dedicated and experienced staff have come together to get our Baby Room up and running, using their own knowledge and experience caring for babies to create a safe, welcoming and stimulating environment for our babies to enjoy. With a cosy sleep area, black and white play space and dedicated sensory area, our Babies are free to learn and explore everything we have to offer.

    By providing a wide range of toys and activities, and using each child’s interests to plan their day, we can ensure each child gets the very best out of their time at nursery, learning and developing while feeling secure as a part of our Baby Bee family. We understand each child is an individual, so keep our routines as flexible as possible to allow each child to thrive and develop in their own way.

  • Our Baby Room

    The Baby room has been specifically designed to allow our Babies to explore a variety of different activities and areas, safely and securely, while developing their confidence and independence. By creating a free area, with smaller cosy spaces to explore, our babies can move around while still being able to see their familiar adult and look to them for reassurance and comfort as they play.

    Baby Bees are also lucky enough to be based right next door to our Busy Bees. Meaning they can visit and spend time with the older children. We feel it is important for children to mix age ranges sometimes, to encourage empathy and understanding in our older children, and for our younger children to be able to watch and learn from their older peers.

    We believe outside play is vital for the learning and development of all our children, including our babies. They have access to a designated part of the garden which has been designed specifically with them in mind, allowing them to explore and experience the outdoor safely.#

    …Take a look at our Busy Bees