Peace of Mind


Our property is completely fenced off and CCTV cameras are in operation at all entrances and exits. All external doors are installed with an entry control system. Members of the public may gain access to the property only by entering one of our monitored doors, and a member of staff has to identify them prior to allowing them entry. We keep a photographic record of all individuals permitted to collect the children in our care.

Under no circumstances will any child be allowed to leave the premises with anyone not on our records. We have also provided lighting in the large car park opposite Woodlands, during the winter months.


The safety of our staff and children is of the utmost importance. Our training encourages all staff to be competent in first aid and safety issues, and we have staff members on the premises with nursing experience. We regularly practice fire evacuation procedures, and the building is equipped with the latest smoke and fire detection systems.


No cars, other than those belonging to staff or people with ‘special needs’, are permitted onto our property for safety and security reasons. We have the use of a large public car park situated across the road from our day-care centre, and there is a pelican crossing with a traffic light to enable you to cross the road safely; this brings you right to our gate. In the interest of safety both for the children and yourselves, we request that you do not park in the road. We retain the right to cancel any contract with parents who continually ignore the traffic marking on the road and park illegally thus jeopardising the safety of other children. Our registration is dependent on this; therefore this will be strictly enforced.

We try to teach our children the green cross code of traffic safety, as well as a “green travel plan” and encourage them to think about nature.