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We pride ourselves on our equipment that we provide our children. We have lots of resources and space inside, as well as several large spaces outside. We believe our outdoor space is just as important as our indoor space as it is important to provide the children with opportunities to use their gross motor skills, extend their physical development as well as a time to meet their siblings, socialise with their friends as well as other staff.

Our main garden provides a range of activities that cover every area of the curriculum, we have quieter areas where children can select books to read, areas children can use our climbing equipment or make use of our scooters, cars and bikes. We also have a mud kitchen where the children can role play and use their imagination, a construction area, a mark making area and both sand and water areas. The main garden can be accessed all day and in all weathers and our children thoroughly enjoy playing together across the age groups. We find this is so important in helping the older children take responsibility for the younger children and encouraging them to model good behaviours, whilst giving a great opportunity for the younger children to learn skills from the older children.


Woodlands Also Pre-School…

We are very proud to be able to offer our new setting “Woodlands Also” registered for children aged 2 Years 6 Months up until they go to school.


We have been planning this for a number of years now and have purposely built up our management team with this in mind. With all senior members of the management being created out of our current longstanding members of staff that know and practice our Woodlands way every day.

We have just been waiting for the right site to come along that could meet all our needs, match our philosophy and deliver the service our customers have grown to love and expect.
We have named it “Woodlands Also”. This came about because we do not want our new setting to be any different to our old setting it is also Woodlands.

When we purchased the site, it did not meet our standards and we have spent a lot of time and put a lot of love in to upgrading and improving it. We are so pleased to have reached our goal of opening the new setting, on time and couldn’t be prouder!










The setting has a number of the same features as Woodlands including Fairy garden, play zone, free flow access to the garden. The garden has a mud kitchen, barked area, and even our famous hills to play on… this time with a tunnel inside. There are great walks on the fields and play park nearby with the bonus of not having to cross any roads, allowing us to take children on outings to explore the surrounding areas.

The building will has all new underfloor heating system, new wiring and fire system with no corners cut on safety and our staff have  been involved in every aspect of design from the beginning, to painting, to each toy purchased.

All food is cooked in our Woodlands Kitchen with our current high standards and transported over at lunch and tea times.

Woodlands Also

Woodlands Also








A year on and Woodlands Also is now flourishing with lots of happy children and a team of practitioners developing the play spaces to meet the children’s needs.

For any enquiries for Woodlands Also please contact the team on: 01489 570 853 

Please feel free to look at the rest of our website to find out all the interesting information about our settings.