Specialist Team

  • Specialist Team

    Within our nursery we have a number of specialist staff who are responsible for supporting our children, staff and parents throughout their journey at Woodlands.

    Our specialist team liaise with outside agencies, other settings and parents to ensure that all children are safe, healthy and well supported.

    • Kelly
      Inclusion (INCO) & Head Behaviour Coordinator’s (BECO)


      Inclusion (INCO) & Head Behaviour Coordinator’s (BECO)

      Kelly is responsible for identifying and supporting children and families with additional needs. With many years’ experience of working in childcare and continuous training to ensure her knowledge is up-to-date Kelly is highly competent in her role.

      Kelly is also the leader of our BECO (Behaviour Coordinator) team which are responsible for supporting behaviour needs. We have a BECO in every room so they are on hand to help and staff and parents with questions or advice when needed and support our children through their play.