School Leavers Club

The Woodlands School Leavers Group has been set up to help get your child ready for school. After liaising with the local schools, we have planned a series of activities designed to give children the skills needed for the school day.

We do the same set activities every day for one week, so every child benefits fully. These activities include teaching the children cutting skills, writing and pencil control, size, shape and number recognition, listening skills and preparing them for the more formal elements of school life, such as sitting at a table and completing a task.

Ofsted said in January 2014, ‘Older children are taught how to write letters correctly, resulting in many children knowing how to write their names’.

These activities and photos of their day in School Leavers Group are recorded along with their own drawings and artwork in their personal journal, which is a lovely keepsake for you to cherish.

We also take the children on outings to the local, Holly Hill Park for nature walks and we spend a lot of time in the garden which is another perfect learning opportunity for the children to practise putting on their coats and hats and applying sun cream independently. We encourage children to listen well by sitting still, looking at whoever is talking, taking turns and not calling out. Your children may be given responsibility jobs to help develop their independence. We have two helpers for snack and lunchtimes, the children enjoy giving out the plates, bowls, cutlery and cups. They really enjoy having the responsibility of these and similar tasks.

Every morning we talk about the weather and date and the children take turns to put these onto our weather board.

To further support your child’s transition from Woodlands to Year R, we have also adopted the sun and cloud behaviour system which many schools follow to encourage positive behaviour.

Ofsted said in January2014, ‘Childrens behaviour is excellent. All children clearly know the rules and routines of the day.’

At Woodlands we are proud to offer this programme to support your child in their journey from Woodlands to school.

Ofsted said in January 2014, ‘Children develop a wide range of skills and have positive attitudes to learning.