Rememberance Day

9th Nov 2017


This week we have all been learning about Remembrance Day across the nursery and making the symbol of Remembrance the Poppy.

Each unit has made their own version of the Poppy through colouring pictures, finger painting, hand painting and Rising Four’s made a vase of poppies that is being proudly displayed in our Reception.

Here are some photos of our Poppies….

m_o_68225_f2atcwbx47re2hqw678jcp0qxx0gkcen m_o_68226_3ndmsfnhmqjpjz6020h7w71we3wqkm9e RISING 4 POPPY babies GREEN GROUP m_o_68223_2x00yvmafeqysjj8cevsrpkhbr4ef76h m_o_68224_4gvq4yf751jv02rvejfqr110cyvv2jdz