Peel Common School Visit

28th Jun 2019

Today a group of our children from Pre-School went to visit Peel Common Juniors to talk to a class all about the changes we have made at Woodlands to reduce our carbon footprint. We took along photos and examples of what we have achieved so far and the children took notes about what they may like to change.

We talked about how we had changed our bottles, made our own glitter and how we have taken part in litter picks to stop the rubbish entering our seas and harming our wildlife. The class told our children how they had learnt about currents in the sea and how this is responsible for carrying and washing rubbish up on shores.

Our children spoke about the Blue Roll Challenge they took part in, to reduce our useage down by 75%, the class told us about how they use paper towels which are similar and they spoke about possible alternatives.

We then spoke about some simple alternative products that everyone could use at home, before giving all of the children a bamboo toothbrush each. We are going to keep in touch with the class so we can hear all about the changes we inspire them to make. They are going to talk to their Headteacher about what we have discussed and try to implement changes! We can’t wait to hear back from them and are so proud that our children are helping to make changes and encourage others!