Room Managers

Our Room Managers have been handpicked for not only their in depth understanding of children’s development but also their excellent ability to bring out the best in their individual teams. We firmly believe that all staff should have a say in how Woodlands is run, every room has complete ownership of their units to create a very unique and personal atmosphere.

Our Room Managers are able to be a constant source of support for children, parents and staff. They achieve this by ensuring they are in their units playing alongside the children and working alongside their staff, this means that they are fully involved in what is happening within the week . Their experience at Woodlands has inspired them to continue the Woodlands ethos in being able to create our lifelong commitment to high quality childcare which is at our very core. Their individual influence has a major impact on the way your children and our staff are nurtured and cared for when joining the Woodlands family.



Baby Bees Room Manager


Busy Bees Room Manager



Pre-school Room Manager



Pre-school Room Manager at Woodlands Also


Kasey- Baby Bee Room Manager

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Kasey began working for Woodlands at the start of 2016. She has quickly worked her way up the ladder at Woodlands by dedicating her time to learning about how to manage staff to the best of their abilities and due to her caring and calm nature with both the children and parents.  She was promoted to Baby Unit Manager recently and is already exceeding in her role.

Kasey has lots of expertise working with the under fives and has a great love of working with children and their families. Her bubbly happy personality helps keep her team motivated and the babies happy.

Kasey is due to finish her degree in Childhood studies that she has being doing alongside her role, proving that she has a great ethic to furthering her career and expanding her knowledge. This knowledge has inspired her team with new and exciting ideas to adapt the environment and provide and a nurturing and fun environment to meet all of the babies needs.

“I love working with children, every day brings a new challenge and is so enjoyable. I understand that not only is it important to have a great rapport with children but also with their parents, especially when working with babies when it is often their first experience of a childcare setting. I love helping new parents and offering them advice and reassurance to ensure the transition in to babies is an enjoyable one”

Dani – Busy Bee Room Manager

Dani started her journey with us almost 12 years ago, she began in our Pre-School before moving over to Baby Bees to be Deputy Room Manager. It was in this role that Dani really excelled, her calm and positive nature make her a strong leader. She is very passionate and loyal to Woodlands and so it was natural transition for Dani to become Busy Bees Room Manager. She has a wealth of experience with all age groups, along with a fantastic sense of humour which mean everyone gets the best out of their day!

“I love working with our Toddlers, they have such an enthusiastic and inquisitive nature that helps them learn so much about the world around them. I really enjoy helping them to grow and develop from babies in to independent little people “

Jess – Pre-School Room Manager

Jess began with us back in 2007, she has worked in all of our rooms giving her a wealth of knowledge and experience. Having worked with Woodlands for a long time, Jess completely understands our ethos and empowers her team to provide the best experience for our Pre-Schoolers. A big part of her role in Pre-School is ensuring that the children are ready and transition happy to school. Supporting parents in this role is just as important as well as liaising with teachers from all of the schools our children are going to attend.

“I enjoy having the responsibility of managing the pre-school team and looking after all of our children. Preparing our children for school is a huge part of my job role and although waving them off to school is a sad time for us, it is incredibly rewarding to see how independent and confident they have become.”

Toni – Pre-school Room Manager at Woodlands Also

Toni started here at Woodlands 5 years ago after finishing her BTEC National Diploma in Child Care Learning and Development. Toni has recently taken over as Busy Bee Room Manager and is excelling already in leading her team. Bringing fun and laughter to the unit, Toni’s enthusiasm for creating an enjoyable and fulfilling environment is outstanding. She works hard to ensure our children, parents and staff in our Busy Bee unit are all having the best possible experience.

“I love my job. Each day is full of different adventures, fun and laughter. Watching each of the children grow and develop into independent brilliant little people is so rewarding. I love seeing what a positive influence Woodlands has on the children and their families, and I feel so privileged to be such an important part of each precious child’s life.”