Management Team

Our management team is a vital to the successful running of the nursery. They have been carefully selected because of their ability to not only manage but their expertise of working with children. Our management team and directors are qualified in childcare and we believe this is imperative to ensure the best interests of the children we care for remain a priority and their needs are fully understood.

Our recent OFSTED report praised our excellent management team and stated ‘the leadership and management team of the nursery are inspirational […] they work hard to oversee, encourage and oversee’

Managing Director

Childcare Director

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Stacey H


Nursery Manager Woodlands Also

ashleigh burgess

Admin Manager

Angela – Managing Director

Angela is the Managing Director and founder of Woodlands. The idea of Woodlands originated from Angela over 10 years ago when she struggled to find good quality childcare for her own children. Angela had a vision of a home-from-home environment where parents can feel happy and content in leaving their children and where children’s needs were always paramount.

Angela started Woodlands with a team that consisted of a parent, a staff member and a member of management, by doing so Angela was able to see childcare from three perspectives allowing her to meet the needs of all involved and to make the setting a success. The same management team that was in place at the start of Woodlands story is still in place now and as Woodlands has grown the same core values are still important and the children are always placed at the centre.

“I am proud of the setting we have achieved, as Woodlands has grown I have made it my priority that we never compromise on care and that trust and respect are always maintained. I believe without these no relationship can thrive. Woodlands is like a family made up of staff and children. We care for each and every one of our children like they are our own, we provide them the space to thrive and care and attention to reach their full potential.”

Sam – Childcare Director

Sam has worked in childcare since leaving college and has been with Woodlands from the very beginning. She was and still is integral to setting up and implementing the ethos and values of the nursery. Sam has progressed both professionally and personally during her time at Woodlands.

Both Sam’s boys have attended Woodlands which has meant Sam not only understands the challenges of being a working parent but also has experience of being a parent at Woodlands. Previous to this role Sam was an NVQ assessor which has meant she has a vast experience of best practise, other settings and has given her a greater understanding of what she wanted for Woodlands.

Sam has excellent management skills and works hard to ensure the children, parents and staff are central to the decisions made within the setting, she is extremely passionate about ensuring the best outcomes for the staff and children at Woodlands.

“As a director, I understand the key to a good setting is happy staff. This is something that has been reinforced through my experience of being a manager, they are essential to the well-being of our children, happy staff=happy children. I value each and every one of their contributions and am proud of their passion for what they do”

Clare – Manager & Early Years Professional

Clare has worked within the childcare sector since she was at college, she has a vast experience of other settings but joined Woodlands shortly before finishing her degree in Childhood Studies as she fell in love with the core values and ethos of Woodlands.

After Clare finished university she was promoted to Busy Bee Room Manager and thrived in this job role. During her time here Clare studied further to gain her Early Years Professional Status as well as her NVQ Assessor award. Clare has a great thirst for knowledge and this passion drives her in her role of Early Years Professional.

Clare strives to make the learning environment fun and exciting and she ensures that our children are given the opportunities to learn and develop. Clare is responsible for ensuring the curriculum is maintained throughout our setting, correct resources are provided, our staff are trained and up-to-date in all aspects of the curriculum and that all the children in our care are given the right tools to reach their full achievement.

“To embrace a child’s thirst for knowledge we must be constantly turning the wheel of our own improvement. Each child is an individual that is like sponge and they absorb every part of the environment around them. My role is to tap into what each child loves and nurture their learning experiences from the moment they join us until they wave their final goodbyes at graduation. The pleasure of my job is that it is ever-changing to match the children within our care and support the staff we employ to celebrate everything unique about them.”

Ashleigh – Deputy Managerashleigh burgess

Ashleigh is our deputy manager at the setting and has worked with Woodlands almost 10 years. Ashleigh helped to build Woodlands in to the setting it is today and is extremely passionate in continuously improving to ensure Woodlands is the best setting it can possibly be.

Ashleigh’s role is imperative to the day to day running of the setting and an important part of her role is supporting our Room Leaders within their roles, drawing on her own experience to ensure the staff feel supported and the nursery runs smoothly. Her bubbly personality, her leadership ability and her very own knowledge of parenthood enables her to build a strong rapport with the children, parents and staff alike.

“A major part of my job role is ensuring that our staff feel fully supported and understand our strong ethos. This means every child that comes to Woodlands has a unique and enjoyable experience that they will remember forever”

Stacey- Nursery Manager Woodlands Also

Stacey H


Stacey joined Woodlands from a nursery background and we were so impressed with her enthusiasm and knowledge of the Early Years Foundation Stage. She has worked within our Busy Bees as our Deputy Room Manager and a key person,  before being promoted to Nursery Manager of Also. She has a fantastic understanding of what the setting is like from the view of the child and understands what parents enjoy and require from their time at Woodlands too.

“I love being able to plan fun and exciting activities that will help the children learn and develop. I am so excited about my new role and being able to lead the staff in to continuing                     to provide the most stimulating learning environment to ensure all of our children thrive as they reach their full potential.”