Our Staff

Our staff are carefully selected by ensuring their knowledge and practical abilities are closely matched. Our main focus is to only select staff that have a genuine and natural rapport with children. All of our staff has a passion for meeting the care and developmental needs of every child.

Our staff hold a variety of relevant childcare qualifications and are committed to enhancing their professional development. We currently have 95% of our staff that are qualified to a level 3 standard and above. We are very pleased to have our very own Early Years Professional within the nursery to support staff when delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage and to ensure the children receive a rich learning experience.

Staff are highly motivated and are always adapting their practise to make sure their key children experience a FUN and EXCITING day where their play directly relates to their interests at that time.

All staff have undergone a vigorous background check including Criminal Record Checks and referencing.

Staff turnover is exceptionally low due to the commitment we have in staff training, responding to their needs, listening to their requirements about their units and acting on them and giving staff the responsibility to make necessary changes.

Many of our staff have been with us on our journey from the very beginning and some are just starting their journey with us.

Our staff are the key to the success of our nursery, and we are very proud to say that they have worked exceptionally hard which was recognised by Ofsted during our last unannounced inspection.

We never use agency staff as we feel it is extremely important for us to know the staff and have a complete understanding of their practical capabilities prior to giving them the responsibility of caring for our children. We provide the children in our care with the very best that we can offer, in order to do this we feel it is essential to make our own background checks to ensure appropriate suitability.

Also, allĀ of our staff that wished to, received a flu vaccination this winter to reduce the risk of infection.

Staff Awards

We award our staff for their loyalty and continuous hard work by embroidering a flower on their uniform as follows:

10yrs Service = 10 years + Dedication

5yrs Service = 5 years + Dedication

You will be able to recognise these staff clearly when you visit Woodlands and we are proud to say many of our staff already have these.