Baby Bees

Welcome to the Baby Bees

Our Baby Unit is a converted bungalow that has been specifically designed with babies in mind. We have many fantastic areas each with different play opportunities that stimulate the baby’s senses and help them to become confident learners. We have a wide variety of toys that are rotated and sterilised daily to ensure the babies are continually having new experiences in a hygienic way. Our Baby Unit also has an air filter that reduces the amount of airborne bacteria to keep our babies and staff healthy and well, the same filter is used in hospitals.

Every day is unique in the baby room due to their individual personalities that we gently support through having a flexible routine. Our priority is to build healthy attachments with all the babies and their parents so we are able to form a partnership with their care and learning. We want parents to feel completely at ease when they go to work, knowing their little ones are being cared for in the best possible way.

JpegWe have 4 main areas for all of the babies to explore. We do not separate babies into individual rooms as we feel it is important for them to be able to investigate all areas with their key person. We feel that spending all day in one room is not healthy and it is important for them to have variety throughout the day. We have 2 outdoor areas of our own, as well as having access to a large communal garden. Outdoor play is an essential part of our day and we ensure babies have access to fresh air at least twice a day.

We understand how difficult it can be leaving your precious baby in the care of someone unknown. To ease this transition we offer all parents and their babies settling in visits. This is an opportunity for parents to start to build the relationship with their baby’s key person and to share vital information about how they wish their babies to be cared for.

As we have our own direct telephone line, all parents can call us at any time throughout the day.


What have we been up to…

Its Science Week in Baby Bees!!

This week our Baby Bee’s have been learning all about Science! They have been doing lots of experiments to learn about sinking or floating, heavy and light, mixing colours and have even done a volcano experiment! They have been very […]

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Rememberance Day

This week we have all been learning about Remembrance Day across the nursery and making the symbol of Remembrance the Poppy. Each unit has made their own version of the Poppy through colouring pictures, finger painting, hand painting and Rising […]

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Christmas Lunch!

This year we will be having our Christmas Lunch on Wednesday 20th December. All of the children at Woodlands and Also will sit down to a traditional roast and all the trimmings! This will give us all a chance to […]

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