Its Science Week in Baby Bees!!

15th Nov 2017

This week our Baby Bee’s have been learning all about Science! They have been doing lots of experiments to learn about sinking or floating, heavy and light, mixing colours and have even done a volcano experiment!

They have been very intrigued and are learning lots!

They have been taking it in turns to put different objects in to water to see what would happen, if they would float or sink. They have been using the see saw to learn about gravity and heavy and light and mixing different colours to see what happens.

m_o_68788_8f8e5ca1mw420b31d7gnt54sbevez228Volcano Experiment using vinegar mixed with bicarbonate of soda

m_o_68440_hzfsvpj46f3mdgmtadbt4bnvrybtt4tsSink or Float experiment using lots of different resources.