Events at Woodlands !

12th Nov 2018

At Woodlands and Woodlands Also its a fact that we love all the different events that come up throughout the year … and we need no excuses to celebrate them!

We believe that being culturally aware is key to promoting inclusion for all in the community! By celebrating the unique and diverse Woodlands are encouraging creativity and expanding our children’s knowledge of the world around them! Here are some highlights of what the Bee units have been up too the past few weeks!

Diwali was incredibly exciting at the beginning of November ! We made Diva pots , Designed our own Henna tattoos and Created Rangoli patterns to welcome our friends!

Remembrance Sunday generated lots of conversations about soldiers, freedom and celebrating the Brave men and women who left their loved ones to protect us all!

Guy Fawkes night inspired the children to make their own firework pictures using different colours and techniques! Take a look at our Facebook page for any up-and-comingĀ  events!