Goodbye Class of 2017!

30th Aug 2017

We would just like to say a huge Goodbye to our wonderful Class of 2017, we are so very proud of each and every one of you and know you are going to all do so well at school. We […]

Rose Villa Trip!

24th Aug 2017

We have had a fantastic afternoon at Rose Villa! Some of our Pre-School children went down to meet the residents, they spent the afternoon playing games, talking to the staff and residents, having a little snack and singing songs. Our […]

Europe Week!

24th Aug 2017

This week we have been learning all about Europe which is the continent we live in! We were very lucky to receive continental platters from Tesco, which had lots of different meats, cheeses, olives, bruchettas, flat breads and french stick. […]


24th Aug 2017

Last week we learnt all about Antarctica. Antarctica is the third smallest continent in the world and has zero population! We learnt that the only people who are in Antarctica are visitors and are mostly researchers. We learnt all about […]

South America Week

15th Aug 2017

Last week we spent time learning about the continent South America. We spoke about the different countries that make up South America the continent, including Brazil, Columbia and Chile. Pre-School held their own Rio carnival! They decorated masks and head […]

North America Week

15th Aug 2017

We have been learning about North America the continent as part of our Around the World topic. We have been learning about traditional holidays they celebrate, we learnt about Thanks Giving festival which is very important in America, we also […]

Africa Week!

15th Aug 2017

As part of our “Around the World in 7 weeks” topic we learnt about Africa! We went on our very own safari searching for animals, we made African Flags and African Necklaces. We also tried some African food that Dan […]

Asia Week

20th Jul 2017

This week we have learnt all about the continent Asia! We have been talking about where Asia is, which countries make up Asia, learning about its famous landmarks, practicing writing Chinese, decorating Blossom trees and animals from Asia and learning […]

Around the World in 7 Weeks!

13th Jul 2017

Over the next 7 weeks we will be spending time learning about each continent in the world. We will spend a week learning about each continents culture, language, population, famous landmarks and traditional customs as well as trying their foods […]

Woodlands Rocks!

22nd Jun 2017

Woodlands Rocks!!!   Thank you so much to everyone who came on Saturday to celebrate our festival Woodlands Rocks! The sun was shining for us and we all had a great time, it was so nice to see so many […]