Being Green!

April 03, 2019

As well as teaching our children the importance of being Eco friendly we have been making lots of changes within our business to be more green.

To us It’s important to fully embrace the change and find ways to adapt our current practice, we want to be role models not only for our children but to other settings and businesses.

We’re going to be keeping you up to date with our changes in our highlights on Instagram @woodlandsecoproject so you can see how we are evolving on our journey 🌎 make sure you’re following us to keep updated 💚

To name a few changes we’ve made already:

  • moved from plastic shoe covers to fabric ones
  • stopped using plastic food aprons and now we are using washable fabric aprons
  • we are communicating to our parents via electronic means instead of paper forms. Except where paper is essential
  • Our staff are beginning to car share their journeys to and from work
  • most of our milk now comes from cardboard recyclable milk boxes instead of cartons
  • we have removed all glitter from our setting
  • we are moving away from using stickers and instead replacing this with reward stamps
  • using paper envelopes instead of plastic windowed envelopes
  • we only stock and use biodegradable nappies and wipes
  • we recycle in every unit of the nursery now including the kitchen and office
  • where we can we are using flannels, tea towels and towels instead of blue roll

Please let us know what changes you are making at home too!!
Fareham Borough Council Visit!The Woodlands Clean up!
Woodlands Core Values
Woodlands aim to create a happy and family driven environment. We will inspire an imaginative lifelong commitment to our children’s future:
  • Committed
  • Spirit of Adventure
  • Respectful
  • Compassion
  • Reliability
  • Safe

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