Managing the change to a new setting and helping your child feel at home
  • About Us

    As we are a full day care setting we feel it is vital to provide children with a variety of experiences that can be changed daily.

    We believe that it is not healthy for a child to spend all day in one room; they do not do that at home so it should not be expected of a nursery.

  • Woodlands have created different areas that all children can investigate and explore.

    • Every unit has their own secure outdoor play area (3 in total)
    • We have a large indoor soft play area, complete with slide, ball pit, puzzles, games, climbing apparatus along with tactile and sensory experiences for all aged children to enjoy.
    • We also have a large communal garden where different age groups can come together to learn about the outside world.

    Even though each age group have their own base units they are free to explore all areas of the nursery with their key person.

    This supports the transitions between rooms, having contact with their siblings who attend Woodlands and it gives the children the opportunity to have different play experiences.

  • Resources are constantly changing in line with the children’s needs and interests to ensure there is enough variety to ensure they are appropriately challenged.

    As always we will ensure your child receives a rich and enjoyable day where they can achieve and flourish in a homely environment where they feel comfortable and relaxed.