Welcome to Woodlands Early Roots

The idea for Woodlands originated due to a shortage of quality day-care centres in the area. Woodlands has been designed to offer a stimulating and safe environment, with motivated staff to provide children with the best possible care from birth to 12 years.

To achieve our goal of creating an exceptional nursery, it has been vital to invest in both a suitable property and qualified, competent staff. We believe that contented, cheerful staff are responsible for happy children. Therefore, we choose our staff carefully, and encourage them to take ownership of their unit and its practice.

We believe in providing our children with a pleasant, homely atmosphere conducive to discovering that learning is fun. We build strong foundations for our children to facilitate their future learning and social skills development. Woodlands is OFSTED registered, and our aim is to try and exceed the OFSTED requirements at all times.

Woodlands Also Pre-School Brand New Setting.

alsoOur brand new Pre-School Woodlands Also, has opened its doors! Its been a long journey to get to this point and we are beyond thrilled to teach and nurture more children at our new setting. We can take children from 2 years 6 months, we are so excited to start showing off the setting, feel free to call us and arrange a look around.

Virtual TourTake a Look Around

Managing Family and Work

We understand the difficulties of having to balance your family and work commitments, therefore, we try to provide as much as possible on site at Woodlands to minimise the ‘morning rush.’ Included within our fees are:

  • Eco Friendly Kit and Kin disposable nappies
  • Eco Friendly Kit and Kin sensitive wet wipes
  • Various barrier creams
  • Formula milk (in-line with your preference)
  • Sun cream 
  • Full menu with main courses and deserts and drinks throughout the day.

By supplying all of these basic essentials we can support you as a parent in having to bring large bags into nursery daily and having to remember to pack that big bag the night before!

We want you to know that when you leave your children with us, they will get everything they need to be safe, comfortable and happy.