The Royal Victoria Country Park Trip!

24th Aug 2018

Our Worker Bee’s  left the hive !!

Woodlands Worker Bee’s had the most exciting day on their trip to Royal Victoria Country Park on Wednesday! Our adventure started with a big coach coming to collect us then we set off to Netley Abbey in search of Victoria country park!  There is so much to do at the park and the children used maps to navigate their way around -choosing what activities they would like to explore next! They took part in races, parachute games, watching the train, the Adventure park (the zip wire was a particular hit!) and exploring the stony beach! We even got creative by decorating some of the stones with paint! Back at base camp in Rowan BBQ pitch, Charlotte, Fliss, Zoe, Derek and Pier made sure their was lots of yummy food for our picnic lunch! ….and later with Charlotte and Zoe in charge of tea it was Burgers and sausages all round with a big BBQ to end our busy day!! Thank you to all the staff and our Worker Bee’s for such a wonderful day! InkedPhoto 22-08-2018, 12 50 27 pm_LI m_o_142347_jp27jy4ds1wsx42r4j3vvqt8then0b6a m_o_142351_j92atcvekm9kkv4gfyad21cs9sbajw06 m_o_142361_fk1vdkq5p9nh28h9na66s1d4x167dt10 m_o_142363_0rqezj2dpe7k214yfwq2thw6wpgegtxw m_o_142377_qa8dfbb3hnjfzt7nzt6qchcybch2q5rx m_o_142384_grk7fnfsp0b5195v266maxzjp6pwp2fp m_o_142398_eweerkb4zw34c3b2ja782v83hvn8a89x m_o_142582_gd3psmmafspgsxek3a6k44vemx9g80ww m_o_142608_ma4se0sbc92dq03762311e34tbd9b1r4 m_o_142610_sk0t2s9xa969b55rmxn6kvq0d05dbswq m_o_142642_h7kfrfq5r2h9gpzzjwpm8r4eazfn0gtw m_o_142660_r2h7jj4w89cg6zsj3pmf79kr97t5a6d0 m_o_142819_nzscswm0v84yvg1ytv2sxdsj0s4a18ce m_o_142823_f5e7zvvk9r1bsrgw7a3s88kw0wa86c8d m_o_142824_t60z7a5q70yyn3rcj66gqjgkfqc4t7c0 m_o_142827_e38nebpb51nmwpt3jbmvb5s1msx5975t m_o_142843_npqvnfw27mxkqhtm9wmj5zy2dhprxp3n m_o_142847_nxrjws1xscqy6nr05zzdf4rg3as4bfwb m_o_142855_2ez36s9ncj0j91qv2sqgnaay17hz8nd9 m_o_142973_aajpj9ja4w9a5vym8rsae2j1s4sb0rn1 m_o_142998_nby5cz81d4kn48zhqv3cq8jqgdgmm1p4 m_o_143010_ayvm16s0026zpkc5ydy1ezrswde00xvf m_o_143011_tcd3fq0en6h7hb65gyb83y5smt5eed45 m_o_143012_h8dpmpmkqnrkb62hk2d5bc6asfsqvrfq m_o_143013_e1yjgxq1wgtb8r7q9jcwd0mga64jkk3m m_o_143014_18mytbqp2qn3b6eyjg89aex5z27q6tw8 m_o_143015_dxmed3ywdq1wjc4n7kqwy6h34r3pc6x7