We pride ourselves on our equipment. We have a very good computer for the children to learn those all-important skills. Our toys are carefully chosen to suit the needs and ages of our children. We are continually updating and replacing toys, at no extra cost to you. We have a wide variety to challenge those enquiring minds.

Play Zone

We are very proud of our large soft play area which incorporates a sensory area with tactile experiences, fibre optic lights and much more to stimulate the mind.

The Play Zone incorporates slides, cubes, ball pit and educational games.

This gives us a unique space for the children to experience, we can either have quiet time or if we wish to let them “let of steam”, it is also a great place to fine tune our gross motor skills.

The Garden

We have large open spaces to provide that much needed running area as well as very carefully thought out hidyholes for those that want to take the quieter route.

We have our very own Gruffalo trail, we also have a trampoline sunken into the ground that can be used by all ages. Babies use it to improve balance while older children use it for a good old bounce.

We have built two special hills as our experience has taught us that children love hills. We have a large covered area, so regardless of the weather children can be outside playing.

We have far to many things to boast about and are often criticised for not doing so, however over the years we have added so much that it is really impossible to list them all. We are committed to continually adding items to the play areas.

Garden Gallery

Bee Gardens

In addition to the main garden, each Bee group has their own outdoor space to explore. In the Baby Bee’s they have two outdoor areas that are directly accessible from the bungalow. They have an astro-turfed garden that they are able to access from their big room and a garden in front of their bungalow. The gardens have smaller player equipment specifically for their age group, which allows them to practise their climbing and gross motor skills. It also provides an area for water play and picnics in the warmer weather!

Busy Bees have a roof terrace that they can access from both sides of the unit. The roof terrace again has equipment specific to the age group and provides lots of opportunities for the children to run off a little steam and take part in smaller outdoor activities.

The Pre-school have a garden that they can access from their big room. This garden is where they do most of their planting as well as lots of digging and exploring. The Pre-schoolers have planted their own vegetables in their vegetable patch and take great pride in watering them and watching them grow. They also grow some vegetables for our chef to use in his delicious meals.

It would be impossible for us to grow the amount of fruit and vegetables we provide to our children without having our own farm. However everything we grow is proudly prepared by the children for their snacks.