Ofsted is responsible for inspecting the standards of independent schools and state schools, local education authorities, child day care and childminding in England.

Six days into the new curriculum O.F.S.T.E.D arrived for an unannounced inspection. As we have a very high standard of practice throughout our year this did not worry us at all and with the result, we had a fantastic Ofsted report with an outstanding result and an overall rating of Outstanding.

Our last unannounced inspection was at the beginning of the year and again we received an ‘Outstanding’. We were extremely pleased with this result and proud that our staff’s continuous hard work had been recognised. This result puts us in the top 7% of child care providers in the country.

O.F.S.T.E.D normally leaves “outstanding” settings for a longer period of time before the next inspection. We continually strive to maintain our “outstanding” and Hampshire County Council recently recognised this and issued us an “Outstanding provision recognition certificate”

We have again had our Annual Joint Review with an “Outstanding” outcome. (Oct 2013)